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  • Learn how to teach, period.

  • Bring TWRKIT to gyms in your area.

  • Create TWRKIT parties and workshops.

We are so excited to announce, coming soon to your area,our comprehensive TWRKIT instructor certification program that will not only teach you how to teach TWRKIT but how to teach, period.

Getting your TWRKCERT will educate and prepare you to bring TWRKIT to gyms in your area, create TWRKIT parties and empowering workshops for groups who will benefit from the enhanced freedom and permission that TWRKIT gives to all of its students. Being a TWRKIT teacher will, at the beginning of what will be the TWRKIT phenomenon, place you at the ground floor of a movement that will expand to global proportions.

We believe there are no limits to freedom, and thus, practices of freedom, like TWRKIT, are unlimited in their potential for growth. We are NOT seeking to create a legion of teachers who all teach the same thing, but instead to teach a basis of moves with infinite combinations that can organically help you create infinite choreography.

We don't believe that fitness modalities give teachers relevance. We believe teachers give fitness modalities relevance. And then the cycle begins and each revolution adds to both. TWRKIT needs you. And you need it, we promise. Why? Because when suddenly something you once criticized becomes something you value most. That shift is inexplicable and life-changing.

Love of not will be, but what IS, is what happens in TWRKIT, and we all need that.

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