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This is important.

I mean this is the Butt of your life, the legs of your choosing, the carved abs of your dreams, but it's also community with tigresses, declaration of the feminine body as mattering not because it matters to someone else, but because it matters to you. Center of gravity, centered.

After TWRKIT you feel like you finally had a break up, long overdue, with your insecurities and fears. I am not exaggerating when I say, shake your ass, release your past, release the weight of your past, release the weight on your ass. It's a figure 8, just like you.

—Aubree Blomgren

  • Booty Clap
  • Pleasure Cruise
  • Blue Bird
  • Basketball Dribble
  • Blender
  • Cheek Isolation
  • Doggy Style
  • Humming Bird
  • Froggie Style
  • TWRKidile
  • Bend-n-Shake

Our Schedule

Time Wed Thur
6pm - 7pm

7pm - 8pm  

At TWRKIT, we embrace and build upon the pelvic tilt, hip roll, booty pop, shimmy, and shake in a comfortable, safe and environment.

  • Total Body Workout
  • Burn 600 - 1200 Calories
  • Everyone is welcome!
It's TWRK time!
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Drop-In (Per Class)


1 Month Group Fitness


First time to come to TWRKIT? Wear looser pants and knee pads.

Tight clothes influence the jiggle of us, and no jiggle, no momentum created by the jiggle, which greatly inhibits our experience of the motion and the appearance of the motion; when those two are less, our understanding decreases and we can't 'get it' as easily. Plus, it feels good to let ISH free.

This class is a weapon of innate movement and power that we can train and then use to ward off the hesitation to embrace one another…and of course, ourselves. I've taken this class (and others) and it's not a music video in the making. It's an extremely empowering and every bit the spiritual experience. You walk away realizing that the inner Goddess that the world, our past, other people, our religion, our mothers, or fathers, our peers…(OURSELVES) are continuously trying to keep restrained…to choke out! Stefani Kelley

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We will gladly help you! Please call us at 817-805-3109 or email us at inquiry@twrkit.com