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Aubree Teaches TWRKIT

TWRKIT. Learn how. Amplify your body and your confidence.

TWRKIT was created with the awareness that women will never reach their full fitness potential, if they do not move with their total physiological capabilities. TWRKIT harnesses and celebrates our hips, bottoms, and bellies in a way that creates change and strength unlike any previously acquired.

At Twerk, we embrace and build upon the pelvic tilt, hip roll, booty pop, shimmy, and shake in a comfortable, safe, and all female environment. Know that, as women, we are socially discouraged from utilizing the pelvic tilt and the like because our natural movements are considered too suggestive, sexual, or primal, BUT this has made us and kept us fat, weak, and critical. NOT ANYMORE. Class Schedule



So does it actually burn calories? Absolutely.

This booty dance works your entire body. Twerking works your abs, glutes, and quads.


Twerking provides a great source of cardio. It works out your entire body.


Twerking provides mental health benefits - such as improvement in your memory. Whenever you learn a new activity, you enhance your cognition and memory.


Twerking torches calories as well!! The calories burned benefits for those who want to whittle their waistlines